Stacy PuliceListen to the Children

Book Title: Listen to the Children
Publisher: Weeping Willow Books
Year Published: 2018
Pacifica Program:
Graduation Year:

Listen to the Children

Today’s educational system is broken, an archaic process based on a colonization that is both dulling and ineffective. We need to tap into the creative souls of children, listen to them, and acknowledge that students and teachers alike are suffering. If we approach educating our children from a life- and soul-affirming place, they will begin to thrive.

Teachers, administrators, and parents are all asked to buy into this colonizing model by a compulsory government school system, and shifting it will require an awareness described in the field of liberation psychology: a clear vision of what damage the current system might be doing, and a vision of the common aims of all who wish to educate children as free thinkers from a position of love and secure relationships above all.

We can do this through an educational system that focuses on the development of the whole child, one that allows for attachment, relationship, and love in education, factors that are known to be primary in the developing child.

About Stacy Pulice 

Stacy Pulice, Ph.D., is the founder of The Art of Rehumanizing, sharing the perspective that kindness and human connection brings out the best in people. A mother of three, her current research centers around love, healing, and emotional safety in schools. Stacy has an unquenchable thirst to integrate the many facets of human existence—from authoring think pieces on increasing community to launching a public school teaching garden fostering connection to the soil for teens. She has a deep belief in the power of self-care as an act of resistance to oppression, and seeks to expand simple practices in all aspects of life to improve our human experience. For more than twenty years, Stacy has served on numerous boards committed to fostering emotional intelligence in education.

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