• “I have been away from PGI since my husband, Melvin, graduated last May. The concerns I had after witnessing on television the natural disasters in the Santa Barbara communities made me want to connect with the Alumni and attend this year’s Coming Home! I was surprised to discover how much I missed the energy at Pacifica and it felt good to come home! The speakers were dynamic and insightful, and it was fun to connect with old and new friends!”

     Sherrie Sims Allen, PhD
    Sherrie Sims Allen, PhD Beverly Hills, CA
  • "Wow what a wonderful afternoon. Keynote Nely Galán was amazing and shared perspectives that are often overlooked in white normative culture. Kelly Carlin was an amazing and at times funny MC. Jennifer Selig broke open the potential that lives between hope and despair in an amazing manner, and Daphne Dodson took us through a journey of the healing properties of imaginal remembering."

    Karin Zirk, PhD
    Karin Zirk, PhD San Diego, CA
  • “Hello dear friends, what a special opportunity we all had to join together through technology for the Pacifica Alumni Association Coming Home event May 19, 2018. If it had not been on line I would have missed new and familiar ideas expressed in soulful connection and inspiring contemplation. I rushed home after a full morning at work with my students who had just put on a fabulous half-day conference on special education topics. I was tired from all the excitement of the morning and when I got home my hubbie, Paul Nelson, also a Pacifica alum, had Zoom set up and chairs arranged in front of the computer...sort of our own personal theater. I saw my friends in the audience and met speakers with whom I was not familiar. All at once I was energized and fully present, laughing at Kelly Carlin’s jokes and light spirit, agreeing with Melvin Allen's insights when he introduced Jennifer Selig, ready to purchase books, and blessed by Jo Todd's closing meditation.   Thank you all for continuing the work. As I move through places and spaces of reflection and discovery it is a privilege to do so with my soulmates.”   ~ Patricia Taylor, PhD, Depth, Altadena, California  

    Patricia Taylor, PhD
    Patricia Taylor, PhD Altadena, California
  • “How wonderful to be part of this remarkable community of authors at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where I am in the midst of my PhD in Depth Psychology with a Somatics Specialization. I am honored. ”

    Heather McCloskey Beck, PhD(c) Depth Psychology with a Somatics Specialization
    Heather McCloskey Beck, PhD(c) Depth Psychology with a Somatics Specialization Port Washington, NY
  • “I was not able to stay online for the entire Zoom webinar on the 19th. By any chance can I access it again?  I would love to see the part I missed. It was fantastic!”

    Melinda Harthcock, PhD Depth Psychology Gulf Port, MS
  • “So grateful to all the first responders!”

    Deborah Cluff, PhD Depth Psychology
    Deborah Cluff, PhD Depth Psychology Kihei, HI
  • "Being board members of PGIAA along with my wife Dr. Sherrie Allen we had the honor to participated in the school’s “Coming Home” event on Saturday. This was another event included in my month long celebration of my life. Our keynote speaker was Nely Galán, she encouraged all women of color to participate in the world economy. I introduced Dr. Jennifer Selig, one of my favorite past professors, before she spoke on “Hope and Despair” and how the two are inseparable due to the tense that must exist between the two. Despair is the prerequisite to HOPE."

    Melvin Allen, PhD Depth Psychology
    Melvin Allen, PhD Depth Psychology Beverly Hills, CA
  • “A very special person (Wendy Davee)."

    Holly Reusing, PhD Depth Psychology
    Holly Reusing, PhD Depth Psychology Riverside, CA
  • “Awww, Wendy (Davee), so special!”

    Deb Spates, MA Counseling Psychology
  • “Beautiful event!”

    Vicky Jo Varner, PhD DPJUAR
    Vicky Jo Varner, PhD DPJUAR Hollywood, CA
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