COME TOGETHER! — Create an Online Pacifica Graduate Alumni Satellite Gathering in Your Region for “Coming Home 2020”

Are you a Pacifica student or alum who is longing for connection (or re-connection) with the Pacifica community? Would you like to host a small in-home gathering with other Pacifica alumni to view some or all of the upcoming Coming Home 2020: “The Stories We Tell” which takes place January 17-19, 2020?

Do you know other Pacifica alums in your area?  (Even just one!)  If you would like to gather and share the experience in community, we encourage multiple small groups to self-organize and come together.  We would also welcome your live video feed. A Future re-broadcast of the weekend’s events is planned for TV Santa Barbara, Pacifica FaceBook and PGIAA FaceBook pages.

If you would like to host or attend a gathering please email us and we’ll try to connect those who want to join together. Formal PGI alumni groups TBA.

To participate or connect, contact Dianne Travis-Teague at



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