Maureen MurdockBlinded by Hope

Book Title: Blinded by Hope: My Journey Through My Son’s Bipolar Illness and Addiction
Publisher: She Writes Press
Year Published: 2017
Pacifica Program: Myth Studies
Graduation Year: 2011

 Blinded by Hope: My Journey Through My Son’s Bipolar Illness and Addiction

One day a teenage boy gets on his bike and rides forty miles up California’s Pacific Coast Highway to avoid causing an earthquake he fears will endanger his mother and sister. But the quake he is experiencing is not coming from beneath the earth; it’s the onset of bipolar illness.

Blinded by Hope describes what it’s like to have an unusually bright, creative child―and then to have that child suddenly be hit with an illness that defies description and cure. Over the years, McGuire attributes her son’s lost jobs, broken relationships, legal troubles, and periodic hospitalizations to the manic phase of his illness, denying the severity of his growing drug use―but ultimately, she has to face her own addiction to rescuing him, and to forge a path for herself toward acceptance, resilience, and love. A wakeup call about the epidemic of mental illness, substance abuse, and mass incarceration in our society, Blinded by Hope shines a light on the shadow of family dynamics that shame, ignorance, and stigma rarely let the public see, and asks the question: How does a mother cope when love is not enough?

“As her heartfelt and moving story descends further into the realms of despair and desperation, the author remains a beacon of hope and sets an amazing example for readers caught in a similar situation involving mental illness and a family member. The bond between mother and child knows no bounds in this intense memoir darkened by addiction and bipolar disorder yet buoyed by love and possibility.”
―Kirkus Reviews

About Maureen Murdock

Meg McGuire is a pseudonym for Maureen Murdock. I am a mother, writer, psychotherapist and the author of five internationally published nonfiction books. I am an activist in mental health and criminal justice reform and teach memoir in Pacifica’s Memoir Certificate Program “Writing Down the Soul”. I have used a pseudonym to protect my son’s identity.

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