Patricia Danaher

    Patricia Danaher is an Irish born writer, producer and scholar based in Los Angeles. She is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and a juror on the Golden Globes. A long-time political correspondent for ITV, she was awarded a Nieman Fellowship to Harvard University, where she also taught journalism.  She is the director of Harvardwood Publishing and has edited and published two anthologies of short stories and poems, the latest of which is a modern re-telling of classic fairytales, called Once Upon a Fairy Tale. She has written and directed a play for radio, The Long Way Round, and has also ghost-written memoirs for artists. Currently Patricia is a PhD candidate in Archetypal and Ecospychology at Viridis Graduate Institute. She was awarded the Joseph Campbell Scholarship at Pacifica Graduate Institute where she completed a Masters in Mythological Studies.

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