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    Ever since Jennifer was a little girl, she was in love with everything about books and dreamed of making her own. This dream came true in 1999 when her first book was published. Since then, she has published dozens of newspaper articles, book reviews, journal articles, essays, and she is either the author, editor, contributor, or publisher of over 20 books, including her latest book Deep Creativity: Seven Ways to Spark Your Creative Spirit (published by Shambhala Press, with co-authors Deborah Anne Quibell and Dennis Patrick Slattery).

    A Pacifica Graduate Institute alumna, Dr. Selig received her doctorate in Depth Psychology in 2004. She holds a Masters Degree in English with a Multicultural Literature emphasis from California State University, Sacramento, and a B.A. in English from U.C. Davis.   

    Dr. Selig launched her own publishing company, Mandorla Books, due in large part to her frustration with the publishing industry when she was seeking a home for her doctoral research on Martin Luther King, Jr. She learned first-hand about some of the more commonly held frustrations of all writers, namely 1) lack of authorial control over and approval of the finished product; 2) loss of rights to one’s own work; and 3) disfavorable royalty structures, often tantamount to giving one’s creative labor away for free. After receiving one more dismaying publishing offer, Dr. Selig self-published what would become Integration: The Psychology and Mythology of Martin Luther King, Jr. and His (Unfinished) Therapy With the Soul of America. For her imprint name, she chose the symbol of the mandorla, the feminine symbol for connection and partnership, two driving forces in her life.

    Dr. Selig continues to teach, publish, and write around the world. 


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