Daphne Dodson

    Imaginal Remembering: Finding the Crossroads of a Resilient Self and a Hopeful Imagination

    Based on the profound wisdom of DreamTending©, Imaginal Remembering is a psychological journey that invites our memories, like dream figures, to be witnessed as wise and meaningful images of the soul. When we free memories from the notion they are fixed representations of the past and engage with them as lively and responsive psychic images, we find they bring gifts of personal transformation, deep healing, and resplendent creativity.

    Our memories and imagination are intrinsically intertwined. Like the banks of a river, the self shifts over time and through lived experiences. When we reminisce, our perspective of the past transforms to harmonize with the current self and the self we are still becoming. The imagination, a clever aspect of our creative self, helps us to seamlessly weather these changes, moving us toward the future. Approaching our memories as images, wittingly granting our imagination permission to guide our remembering, opens our conscious self to the wisdom and truth of our psyche and to the whole self we are.

    Guided by DreamTending, Imaginal Remembering honors the images of our memories as being animate and autonomous from our ego. Imaginal Remembering invites us to remember anew so that we may discover the deeper meanings of our memories and where their images now lead us.

    “Daphne Dodson, in her extraordinary work on memory, reaches into the essence of the multi-dimensional psyche where memories come to life as living dream images. Tending to memories as dream figures, each alive with imaginal presence, frees us from the dysfunctional cycle of forever repeating the past and opens us to the generative pull of the future. Our way of being animates with the bountiful wonderment and wisdom of memories as teaching stories.”

    — Stephen Aizenstat, PhD


    Daphne Dodson, PhD, is a research psychologist, writer, and an excavator and curator of the stories of our lived experiences. She lives in North Carolina with her family. She completed her Ph.D. in the Jungian and Archetypal Studies program at Pacifica.

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