Jeannette BlandAwakening!: A Journal of Encouragement for Each Week of the Year

    Book Title: Awakening! A Journal of Encouragement for Each Week of the Year
    Publisher: CrateSpace
    Year Published: 2018
    Pacifica Program: Myth
    Graduation Year: 2014

    Awakening! A Journal of Encouragement for Each Week of the Year

    Awakening!: A Journal of Encouragement is a series of fifty-two neutral expressions of encouragement. The journalist writes or draws in key moments of the day, as those moments relate to that expression of the week. The Awakening! Journal of Encouragement is a creative tool that works as a mirror, a door, and a conversation-starter. As the journalist writes or draws each day, their journal expands, sees-through, and reflects-back the intrinsic strength of courage and hope of the journalist. Perfect for ages 3 – 103! 

    My Awakening! logo is informed by the Periodic Table element #80 for Mercury, Hg – Hydrargyrum, or, quicksilver. The alchemic attributes of Mercury represent a planetary identification, a scientific element, and a mythic Trickster. By combining and arranging two sets of triangles, two sets of yin/yang circles, two straight lines, and one unifying “whole note” circle, I’ve embedded the core alchemical number, seven, into the Awakening! logo, underscoring the concepts of “as above/so below” and “three in one is four” through Mercury’s abilities as the fluid, yet focused, Messenger.

    About Jeannette C. Bland

    I’m Jeannette C. Bland, PhD, and I created ArcheMythia dpSyche ( as a portal for my work in ceremony, meditation, and ritual. My training is in archetypal mythology, depth psychology, cultural anthropology, and music. I honor the wisdom of timeless traditions in my personal and group consults. I am devoted to the arts and sciences.

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