Heather BeckTake the Leap

    Book Title: Take the Leap
    Publisher: Conari Press
    Year Published: 2013
    Pacifica Program: Somatics Specialization
    Graduation Year: (will be) PhD Candidate in 2019

    Take The Leap

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel happy and fulfilled, to live a life directed and guided by your own natural inclinations, your own creative interests, and personally impassioned ideas?  Have you ever felt the stirrings of some deeper desire or sensed a hidden purpose residing within you, but couldn’t quite figure out what that might be?

    Often we forget that we were born with our own unique gifts, but as we awaken to remembering, and embrace and express those talents and abilities, we will begin to travel on a pathway of our own design, one creatively enriched by the choices we make. Take the Leap offers insight and guidance into the process of re-discovering that which Calls out to us, to that which has gone missing within our own lives.  When we are in search of Calling, we are looking for a portal to appear: a doorway to open or a light to shine brightly, beckoning for us to boldly step into that luminescence and walk on through, into the practice of doing what it is we love to do within our daily lives.  It is when we finally open and yield to this understanding, becoming attentive to answering our Call, that our lives may actually become a richly woven tapestry of our very own creation, as we resonantly fulfill our destiny, our true purpose for living, and share our creative Genius out into the world.

    ~ HMB

    About Heather Beck

    I am an international author, speaker, somatic energy healer, and creativity/life coach. My most recent book, Take the Leap, focuses on how to embrace your unique genius and create a life you truly love; a life that is creatively inspired, and aligned with your own inner calling. As healer and mentor, I practice a depth/somatic blend of my own uniquely designed Metamorphic Healing® modalities, to facilitate deep, personal transformation and somatic healing for my clients, students, and readers.  

    Heather offers private sessions for coaching, healing, mentoring, and training, both virtually and in office. To find out more about Heather’s private sessions, upcoming workshops, presentations, classes, and speaking events: Please visit Heather on her website: https://HeatherMcCloskeyBeck.com

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