Sharon AllenThe Female Warrior's Son

    Book Title: The Female Warrior’s Son
    Publisher: Outsiders Publishing
    Year Published: 2017
    Pacifica Program: Myth/Depth Psychology
    Graduation Year: 2008

    The Female Warrior’s Son

    Winner of the 2017 International Latino Book Awards. The alarming murder of women and girls throughout Mexico and Central/South America over the past several decades has received international attention within the academic and activist community, but very few citizens in the United States understand the brutal realities. This piece of fiction, based on real-life events, examines the lives of one family in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico , and the overwhelming sacrifices they make in an effort to get justice in a system designed to protect the privileged and exploit women at all costs. The novel removes language and cultural barriers to allow the average reader inside the horrific world of femicide/feminicidio, barbarity, corruption and the vicious world of border politics on both sides of the border.

    About Sharon Allen

    I often explore the crossroads of religion, psychology, public perception, conflict, and ultimately, violence. Weaving storytelling, historical narrative, mythic patterns, current events and psychodynamic research, my work seeks to ask the tough questions about what motivates a society. I find the most compelling narratives to be among the marginalized, pushed to the corners, or forced to cross boundaries they did not construct.

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