Nozomi HayaseWikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate: History Is Happening

    Book Title: WikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate: History Is Happening
    Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
    Year Published: 2018
    Pacifica Program: Depth Psychology
    Graduation Year: 2014

    WikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate: History Is Happening

    WikiLeaks: The Global Fourth Estate recounts the rise of the whistleblowing site since its public prominence in 2010 and its subsequent years of publishing. Contained is a chronological series of articles penned by the author as WikiLeaks shed light on government and corporate corruption. From the clash with the US State Department and the persecution of Julian Assange to controversies surrounding the publication of the John Podesta emails, this book traces the challenges that WikiLeaks has faced in its mission to bring the First Amendment to the world.

    About Nozomi Hayase

    I am a columnist and essayist, whose writing and activism is dedicated to liberation of all people. I have been covering issues of free speech and transparency, including the vital role of whistleblowers and cryptocurrencies in strengthening civil society. With the conviction that the foundation of investigative journalism is compassionate curiosity, I strive to bring an inquiry that fosters dialogue and encourages honest witnessing of history.

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