Nan HealyToni Wolff & C.G. Jung: A Collaboration

    Book Title: Toni Wolff & C.G. Jung: A Collaboration
    PublisherTiberius Press
    Year Published: 2017
    Pacifica Program: Myth
    Graduation Year: 2010

    Toni Wolff & C.G. Jung: A Collaboration

    Captivating, astute, and often endearing, Toni Wolff & C. G. Jung tells the story of the most enigmatic woman in the creative life of C. G. Jung–Toni Wolff. Wolff was Jung’s primary collaborator during the formative years of his psychological investigations. From the start, their interests meshed, and they brought out the best in each other’s thinking. Not afraid to challenge Jung’s ideas, Wolff fueled his creativity. Her brilliant mind gave him focus, while her sensitive nature kindled his imagination. Together, they explored the uncharted regions of the psyche.

    At the same time, she introduced Jung to the life of eros, that vibrancy of experience he would later describe as the inner daimon of relationship. She was his muse, his confidante, and his inspiratrice–the dark, inscrutable woman he would call his “other wife.” Yet she remains virtually unknown, a mystery–at best a footnote to Jung. 

    Independently, Wolff was a scholar in her own right, creating an original model of the feminine psyche, memorialized in her landmark essay, “Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche.” This book examines her signature essay, along with her other essays–mostly unknown–which offer insight into her sentiments, beliefs, and life choices. 

    For the first time, the life and work of Toni Wolff along with her complex relationship with C. G. Jung comes to light through personal letters, archival documents, impressions from her family, insights from Wolff’s personal diaries, and statements made by Wolff and Jung themselves.Further enriched by the inclusion of dozens of historic photographs, Toni Wolff & C. G. Jung tells the story of the love and genius behind analytical psychology.

    About Nan Healy

    I am an independent scholar published in the Jungian journal Psychological Perspectives and have taught at the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. I have lectured on a wide array of cultural, artistic, and depth psychological subjects. My groundbreaking research into the creative liaison between Toni Wolff and C. G. Jung was funded by grants from the Joseph Campbell Foundation and the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University.

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