Michael HoffmanHounds of Mercy

    Book Title: Hounds of Mercy
    Year Published: 2019
    Pacifica Program: Counseling

    Book Title: The Thirsty Addict Papers: Spiritual Psychology for Counselors
    Year Published: 2013
    Pacifica Program:

    Hounds of Mercy

    Brave Tsavo, the first Rhodesian Ridgeback hound, never really dies. The African nature god Shango blesses him with multiple lives, and he travels through time and space as a boon to the people he loves. Follow his heroic journey from battles with ferocious lions on the Dark Continent to his 9/11 disaster site search and rescue miracles. Watch him soften the hearts of weary soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg and open the doors of perception for patients in the office of a famous Beverly Hiils psychiatrist.

    Colorful African mythology and the literary freedom of magical realism have inspired Hounds of Mercy. Dog owners know that communication with their companion animals is no fantasy. When you finish reading “The Psychiatrist’s Hound,” take your own beloved canine for a walk and just ask, “What do you think happens in the story about Lockdown, the prison hound?”

    The Thirsty Addict Papers: Spiritual Psychology for Counselors

    Dr. Michael Hoffman wrote The Thirsty Addict Papers for the thousands of counselors searching for practical wisdom and how-to instruction on enlivening spirituality in the delicate process of recovery. This is the first book to apply the diverse fields of Jungian depth psychology, Buddhist mindfulness practice, mythology and folklore, cognitive behavioral therapy and contemplative prayer to addiction. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous opened the door; now The Thirsty Addict Papers offers new knowledge for readers with open minds. Stories of courage combine with stark clinical facts about struggles with sobriety and death from self-destructive addiction. As Dr. Hoffman traces the roots of obsessive-compulsive behavior back to their ancient origins, The Thirsty Addict Papers provides a roadmap for expanding consciousness and enlivening the human soul. It is a provocative psychological work and a must-have reference for anyone struggling to find a way out of the nightmare of addiction.

    About Michael Hoffman

    Michael Hoffman believes the world needs more soulful Jung/Hillman, more Buddha, and more therapy dogs. Hoffman graduated from Pacifica in 2006, earned his doctorate in Addictive Disorders in 2012 and recently earned his Level Two Coaching diploma from Unified Mindfulness. He divides his time between the Prison Mindfulness Initiative and his Sober Buddha Counseling and Dana Point Mindfulness practices.

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