Leslie ShoreAlumni Panel

    Dr. Leslie Shore is an award-winning TV, radio and newspaper journalist who published her own newspaper for five years. She lectures on personal visitation as remedy to restore families divided by the criminal justice system using video interviews conducted in California prisons with mothers and their children.  Leslie conducts a multi-media lecture series: “Reuniting Families Torn Apart by Incarceration: Mother’s Day in California Prisons,” that highlights the Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) in LA that transports children to their mothers to heal the mother-child bond.  Leslie is also an End of Life consultant who founded the non-profit Epic Lives to support the dying and their loved ones through mythic storytelling, personal narratives and bedside support.  Leslie earned her Ph.D in Mythological Studies from PGI and wrote her dissertation on Hayao Miyazaki’s progressive film heroines. Her upcoming book “At the Edge of Radiance: a Life in Death” is slated for completion late spring, just in time for the arrival of her first grandchild, a girl, due in June.

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