Edward M. Smink, PhDThe Soul of Caregiving: A Caregiver's Guide to Healing and Transformation

    Book Title: The Soul of Caregiving
    Pacifica Program: Depth Psychology

    The Soul of Caregiving: A Caregiver’s Guide to Healing and Transformation

    Who are the caregivers? We all are, for at the heart of being human is the capacity to care, to reach out to others and explore the relationships we build. The Soul of Caregiving is about us and how we, as caregivers, serve, even sacrifice, for those in need. I invite you to explore with me how we have the opportunities to partake in a kind of pilgrimage along the path of our experiences as caregivers. Who will be your guide on this journey? Unlike other pilgrims who have a guide assigned to them, you will soon discover it is your own Soul guiding you

    About Edward M. Smink, PhD

    Edward M. Smink, PhD defended his doctoral thesis in Depth Psychology, “Thresholds of Afflictions: The Heroic Journey of Healing,” at Pacifica in May of 2010. He has over forty years of experience in healthcare as a nurse, crisis and pastoral counselor, executive leader, facilitator of mission, ethics, value, and leadership formation, and community health. He served on local, regional, and international committees of value formation in the United States, Australia, Korea, England, Spain, and Italy.  Edward claims that he has learned the most from his experience with colleagues who care for others and from those who needed his services. Edward’s focus includes an emphasis on the development of strengths and the integration of values in personal and professional practice. He is passionate about the universal values and archetypes that unite humankind and with his background in mythological studies, enjoys discovering the unique personal stories of each client that contribute to successful outcomes.

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