Letters of Hope by Jill Griffin, PhD (Myth 2012)

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“Community & Connections – Inspiring Resilience and Hope,”

LETTERS OF HOPE: Here’s a simple way that Pacifica students and alumni around the country can offer support to the communities of individuals around Pacifica Graduate Institute and the Santa Barbara area. A few words can mean so much to people who are struggling with loss of loved ones, homes, and jobs. Everyday these folks are coping with the disruption of life, as it was once known. A simple note lets someone know that “you are not forgotten by the human family.” Lending strength, encouragement and hope through a short note or letter only takes a few minutes and can give someone the strength to face another day.

We invite all students and alumni to write physical letters or cards of hope and encouragement and then mail them to Pacifica’s Director of Alumni Relations (Dianne Travis-Teague, 801 Ladera Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93108) who will give them to a local organization to share with families that are displaced or those who are struggling within the community. Letters of Hope

Thank you.
Jill Griffin, PhD (Myth 2012)
Santa Fe, NM

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