Corinne BourdeauFounder, 360 Communications

Corinne is the founder and visionary behind 360 Degree Communications. With a level of energy that challenges even the “Energizer Bunny,” Corinne has cultivated not just a film marketing career but a lifestyle. With her team, she has both transformed and created new meaning in the architecture of grassroots messaging. Personifying an inherent bond with independent films, Corinne has always strived to harvest a similar connection between films and their audiences. Having formerly worked as a publisher of LA Magazine, Corinne has continued to be woman of many words. Anyone who talks to her quickly learns that Corinne is the conversation queen. She is a captivating speaker who brings three decades of film experience and a degree in depth psychology to the podium. In tandem with curating a life around film, Corrine has curated a life around family. She is both mentor and advocate for fellow women entrepreneurs whose professional days end with the question “What’s for dinner, Mom?” She combines a childlike curiosity for the the quirky nuances of everyday life with the seasoned sagesse of an intellectually inspiring leader. She exhibits an attitude of joie de vivre that is delivered with intense sincerity. Sign up to walk a mile in her shoes and you might end up following her to the summit of Mount Everest!

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